The body of a young child is designed to move and to create

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It is a happy talent to know how to play

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Curiosity about life in all of its aspect,
I think, is still the secret of great creative people

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Every purposeful, creative movement aids
in wiring up a child’s nervous system

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The 3 R’s of Early Childhood

Childhood is such a precious and important time in itself and not just preparation for schooling.  It needn’t and mustn’t be rushed. These little R’s are like Pillars in our beautiful and secure space. Early Childhood curriculum in the belief that a child will learn these skills more effectively if he/she has had plenty of time and opportunity to develop socially, emotionally and physically first in a creative, secure, enabling and harmonious environment. The foundation skills in literacy and numeracy are laid through an environment rich in hands on activity and play and where language and communication are enabled through a rich oral tradition.


Rhythm provides ease and sense of security. The Reading Tree program helps children understand the world by providing predictability through rhythm. Rhythm in this instance is not about music, but rather about the gentle repetition of everyday activities. It is through rhythm that children come to know that there is order and security in the world.


Repetition is incorporated in our daily rhythms. For instance children hang their bags and put the shoes on their respective racks the same way everyday. They set up the place before the meal time the same way everyday. We say the same story and sing the same rhymes for 3 weeks the same way everyday. This brings about consistency and in turn helps to cultivate discipline.


Reverence is nothing but awe, wonder, respect ,beauty, peace and grace. For instance when children are taught to grow their own food they develop a strong sense of responsibility and gratitude towards mother earth for nourishing them and keeping them healthy. By practicing reverence in life for everything we do and say we become deeply rooted and alive.

Thank you parents for your unconditional love and support. The Reading Tree has been accredited with The International School Award 2015 – 2018. This is the second time in a row that we have bagged this prestigious award from the British Council.



  • The best Pre-primary school – as experienced by my daughter Anoushka, wife Pinakshi and our relatives and friends during 2008 till 2011. I wish my daughter could complete Sr. KG in 2011 in same school. It gives such a pleasure to see our kid learning all the things in some of the best environment and facilities around.
    I wish all the best to the school and staff for their future endeavors.

    Lav Khandelwal
  • What a day for us, first time seeing my child like this … I was in tears and was grinning at the same time!. It seems just yesterday that we got to know that we were going to have a baby. And now just look at her! I was completely spell bound; didn’t even take photo or video, but my heart knows that I will never forget those ten minutes. Thank you to you and your entire team for giving us opportunity to cherish our children with such beautiful memories!

    Simrat Kaur