TRT Consultancy

The TRT team over the years has been dedicated to the education of early childhood.  Our work is worship and we are passionately driven with our purpose as educators to impart values and moral education to our children. We believe children need to learn how to live harmoniously in society. Our aim is to help children acquire those virtues that will help them individually live good lives and at the same time become productive, contributing members of their communities. This is the crux of our curriculum.

Previously the mission of schools has been to develop both the intellectual and the moral virtues. Concern for the moral virtues, such as honesty, responsibility, and respect for others, is the domain of moral education. In the current scenario the children are taught to score well rather than instill the love for learning. Facts and figures have overpowered fantasy and imagination. Children are encouraged to learn by rote rather than by heart. Only a true educator and an insightful teacher are those who understand how to educate the child in totality out of true observation. It is no wonder that teacher plays an important role in shaping the thoughts of children especially in early years. The child needs to be guided towards having gratitude towards even the smallest things which will in turn make them feel connected to their surrounding and not isolate themselves when they grow up to be adults.

  • Curriculum Development
  • Infrastructure designing and Planning
  • Resource Planning and Teacher Training
  • Periodic investigation of school management and assistance in improvement areas