Rhythm provides ease and sense of security. The Reading Tree program helps children understand the world by providing predictability through rhythm. Rhythm in this instance is not about music, but rather about the gentle repetition of everyday activities. It is through rhythm that children come to know that there is order and security in the world.


Repetition is incorporated in our daily rhythms. For instance children hang their bags and put the shoes on their respective racks the same way everyday. They set up the place before the meal time the same way everyday. We say the same story and sing the same rhymes for 3 weeks the same way everyday. This brings about consistency and in turn helps to cultivate discipline.


Reverence is nothing but awe, wonder, respect, beauty, peace and grace. For instance when children are taught to grow their own food they develop a strong sense of responsibility and gratitude towards mother earth for nourishing them and keeping them healthy. By practicing reverence in life for everything we do and say we become deeply rooted and alive.

What parents say

Thank you TRT!! Our child’s personality has bloomed like a beautiful fragrant flower ever since being tended by lovely gardeners in the form of the teachers of TRT. No words can ever express the extent of appreciation we have for you. The way you have enriched the lives of our kids will never be forgotten. Thank you for instilling in our child the love for learning. Never ever imagined that it would be so difficult to depart. All the best for your future endeavors.

Megha Gupta

The best pre-primary school. My son truly enjoyed learning each and every day. The teachers are so caring and the way they treat each kid so special. Now my child is so bold, confident, loving, sharing and caring.. I would like to thank Sapna Mam and all the teachers.. thank you for all those beautiful memories you gave to my son to treasure and cherish for lifetime now he is all set ready off to his new kids big school but never going to forget his loving teachers, friends and his beautiful first pre-school.. (special thanks to his favourite teachers Rekha Mam, Mrunal Mam last but not least Suma teacher he truly loved when ever she mention him “nana”. Thank you once again!

Sujana Praveen

The Reading Tree school’s journey has created memories which we will cherish all thru. We take pride being part of the school. Learning and playing goes hand in hand. All kids are encouraged to participate in every activities. The anxiety of first time parents sending their kids away is duly taken care of. Loving and nurturing each kid as their own, has been truly heart warming. Respect to all teachers and didi for the love and care.

Priyanka Balodi

‘Thank you’ is a small word to say as the love and personal care my son has got from teachers, it’s just wonderful. The unique teaching techniques and methodologies make Reading Tree different from other schools. The playful methods make it easier for the kids learn the basics.. Reading tree takes good care of the nourishment of a bud till it becomes a beautiful flower. Teachers know the kids internally to the extent only a mother knows. We (me and my husband) are very happy that our son was in a loving, caring and safe hand. It was enjoyable to see his growth and development in a playful method. Important thing is that he has enjoyed each n every moment in the school and gathered cute memories. The personal care and love he has got from the teachers it was just superb!! Most importantly, I personally enjoyed teacher’s welcoming each and every kid by ‘Hugging them with a Smile and Namaste’ every morning.. In return the smile comes in the face of the kids is priceless!

Swati Kiran

Words aren’t enough to express gratitude towards the school. May God bless each child with an education experience like the one my child (Arjun Deshmukh) had at The Reading Tree, Thane. After the first introductory session that my wife and I attended at the school, we were 100% sure about getting Arjun admitted at The Reading Tree – a pat on our back for the choice we made. The school follows a pattern of imparting education, which is not quite popular in India. There was some initial apprehension about the pattern but as days passed, all our doubts were put to rest by our son’s progress and the wonderful teachers at The Reading Tree. It amazes me how clear the head of school (Sapna Chouhan) and all the teachers at The Reading Tree are about what kids need and how they pass it to the kids. My son has been at The Reading Tree for 4 years – from Playgroup till Senior KG. The school has returned a HERO to us. The sports day and the annual day events that the school organised every year were blockbusters. Last but not the least, the support staff at the school (an army of Didis) is par excellence! A big salute to the team at TRT!

Devendra Deshmukh

This is the best place for any little one to begin their journey out of their home! I feel blessed that my little one started his journey from here because its not just any other pre school… its a school with lot of difference where the focus is on kids holistic development. Focus is mainly on concepts, on developing senses to observe things and to apply their observations practically. The school is not about just writing and rote learning…its beyond that. TRT kids are definitely different with other pre school kids when it comes to applying their learnings! For e.g., most of the kids can identify rectangle square only in books, but TRT kids can identify those shapes in any complex pattern around the world be it a mirror or bus window or anything! Kids in their four years of journey get so much exposure through practical doing things on their own. They are so full of confidence. And all TRT teachers are so full of love warmth and compassion! My kid wanted to go to school even on Saturday and Sundays too. Its a school which understands every child needs. I highly recommend this school and I feel blessed that my son graduated his pre school from The reading tree school.

Anubha Agarwal

8 years… my 2 little angels graduated from The Reading Tree. I may fall short of the words but in one word if have to describe the school, I would say its a “Blessing” for the kids and their parents. Its a rare Gem found amid the Education business running now a days in our country. The school has a very unique and friendly feeling to it. All the teachers are so warm, kind and welcoming that the little kids gel into the environment within days of joining. There is “no child left behind in this intimate setting”. To say that my girls loved the school is an understatement. Thanks Sapna teacher and all the teachers for your efforts.

Smrity Yadav

Reading tree was like second home for my daughter. she has completed 3 years there. I’m extremely happy to see her overall development. The teaching methods helped her to think creatively. Teachers are excellent, their warm touch guidance and support had made her mature and confident for future challenges.

Sanjida Naaz

The best Pre-primary school – as experienced by my daughter Anoushka, wife Pinakshi and our relatives and friends during 2008 till 2011. I wish my daughter could complete Sr. KG in 2011 in same school. It gives such a pleasure to see our kid learning all the things in some of the best environment and facilities around.
I wish all the best to the school and staff for their future endeavours.

Lav Khandelwal