Home Schooling

Home Schooling

‘The Reading Tree’ has always stood up to its core values and principles. It has always received the children with reverence, educated them with love and set them forth in freedom. One of our core values lies in bringing up children in a stress free environment with no screen-time. As a result of which we decided to design home kits for our children and work along the parents on how to use them.

All smiles after a day’s work!

We have poured our hearts and love into the home kits that we make for our children. The kit has the lesson plan for 3 weeks with all the materials needed to complete a cycle. There are no set rules for using the kit. It has been designed in a way that the family has the flexibility to set up their own rhythm around their needs. It is important for children to have fixed rhythms at home. We work alongside every family to understand their rhythm and accordingly plan and integrate the curriculum it in a play way method. We started in June 2020 and so far have competed 5 cycles of 3 weeks each. We are also sending kits to our parents who are out of town.

Creative expression!

After speaking to each parent individually, they gave us an insight that they are happy and at peace with not having to deal with online sessions. Their family is happily bonding within the home-schooling space where they paint, draw, read and cook together. They are pushing all the boundaries and conquering fear for the well-being of their children. We thank all our parents for supporting us in our journey towards a stress-free, screen-free childhood!

Role Play!

We are open to reaching out to anybody wanting to home-school their children, no matter the location. We are just a call away.