International Activities

Connecting Classrooms Grant Exchange

Pensans Primary Community School exchange program was conducted for two consecutive years (2013 – 2014). Two teachers from Pensans visited our school and brought their culture into our classrooms. Similarly two teachers from our school visited the Pensans School and we shared our culture with them.

Global school partnerships are a dynamic and exciting approach to global citizenship. In our aim towards providing excellent educational opportunities to our children, many educational project exchanges have been undertaken by the school. These international projects undertaken by the school have helped our teachers and the students to work together by creating new learning opportunities and interactions.

Under the British Council’s Global School Partnership Exchange, three teachers from the Beaconrise Primary school visited The Reading Tree in the month of August 2012. In the first week of October, teachers from The Reading Tree paid a reciprocal visit to Beaconrise Primary School. Children of the Beaconrise Primary School were excited and curious to know about the culture and life of the children in India. They enthusiastically asked questions to which they got satisfactory answers.

From the very first day the teachers carried out various activities with all age-groups (ranging from reception to year 6). Touching upon all fields from Literacy, Numeracy, Indian sustainability, rhymes, stories, games, craft and cooking activities related to the topic ‘Food’ were done with great fervour. To know more about the culture, a dance and puppet show (Kathputli) were performed by the teachers and some of the children enjoyed carrying out the same.

The teachers accompanied the children to a Field Trip to the SS Great Britain. A well spent evening with the staff members where the teachers tried to match the moves of Morris Dancing and some cultural music. The teachers of Beaconrise Primary School were very helpful in sharing the different processes and procedures involved in their school. The entire week spent with the children and the staff members was a learning experience for our teachers.

Higham on the Hill

We were welcomed by Ms. Helen Jones, international co-ordinator of Higham on the Hill. Higham on the Hill is one of our partner schools with whom we have done exchange programmes for more than 3 years. In spite of being on leave, Ms. Helen Jones received us and spent the entire day with us.

The children of Higham on the Hill gave us a warm welcome. It was wonderful to see the name of their school printed on the Indian Flag and the children waved the UK flag amidst loud cheer. The school council gave us a guided tour of their premises. It was wonderful to listen to Ms. Walsh who contributed her precious time and shared with us the functioning and methodology of the school in depth. The day ended for us with an assembly where we exchanged gifts and had a community lunch.

Northwood Primary School

The first school we visited in United Kingdom was ‘Northwood Primary School’, located in the scenic island ‘Isle of Wight’. Ms. Angela Strand, the international co-ordinator welcomed us and took us to the beautiful school. We were introduced to Ms. Hussey, the head of the school and the school council.

The school was celebrating Roald Dahl Day, so all the teachers and children were dressed in interesting costumes. The council members proudly showed us around the school, introducing us to the teachers and other staff members. They were keen to talk about the school achievements, which was displayed on the achievement board. We spent the day interacting with the children of all the age-groups. We had a wonderful lunch of curry and rice with the children.

The Reading Tree also widens the child’s horizon and we have entered into Global School Partnerships. We are in constant exchange programs with the following schools since 2006:

Beaconrise Primary School – UK
Pensans Community – UK
Zespol – Poland
Newport Primary – UK
St. Adians – UK
Northwood – UK
Higham On The Hill – UK
Rubery – UK
Guyhims Cambs – UK
North Walsall – UK
Springs Alive – Uganda
Harry Goshing – UK
Conference – Switzerland

Four teachers of The Reading Tree attended the Waldorf World Early Childhood Conference at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland from 1st to 5th April 2012.